Travel grants Balkans/Turkey

General information
In view of the complex societal challenges that accompany the rising number of immigrants in Europe – a development that has also impacted Switzerland’s population – the Landis & Gyr Foundation offers support to projects that focus on the Balkans and Turkey.
For over 20 years, the Foundation has worked with centres for the humanities in Budapest (until 2011), in Sofia and in Bucharest (currently the main location). The Foundation’s Eastern European engagement is supplemented by the project-specific travel grants for the neighbouring Balkan countries and Turkey. Unlike the residential fellowships, which are for a specific location abroad, the travel grants are not primarily designed to promote individual artists and writers, but rather to support a project-oriented approach to a socially relevant theme.

The goal of the travel grants is to become better acquainted with the people and cultures of the Balkans and Turkey, to promote deeper understanding of the complex reality of lived experience and to foster mutual interest and respect. The travel grants also aim to encourage a positive societal development in Switzerland. The aspect of communicating project results in Switzerland is lent particular weight in the selection process.

The Foundation has provided for the award of 2 to 4 grants every year, disbursed over roughly 6 months (or distributed over an entire year, if required). The location and exact time period can be decided individually, although the Foundation encourages grant recipients to travel and conduct a part of their research/preparatory work on site in the Balkans or Turkey.

Who may apply
Applications are accepted from Swiss artists and writers as well as from non-Swiss artists and writers whose official residence is in Switzerland (three or more years) or who have close ties to Switzerland. Although there are no age limits, the grants are not awarded to students.

Applicants must have a recognised professional record of achievement in an artistic, scholarly, intellectual, journalistic or socio-cultural field; moreover, they must present a convincing project with a particular connection to the geographic and cultural area (Balkans/Turkey) as well as societal relevance with regard to Switzerland. Because the aspect of communicating results in Switzerland is of central importance, applicants must submit a communication concept with their application documents. The concept must provide information on clear and convincing strategies to use multiple communication channels, preferably in connection with established event organisers and institutions in Switzerland such as various media, publishers, cultural and educational institutions etc. (Simply a blog, a book or an article is not sufficient!)

What does the Landis & Gyr Foundation offer?
The Foundation assumes travel and living expenses.

Evelyne Lohm, grant coordinator, 041 725 23 58 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

The application period for 2022 travel grants is closed.
The application period for 2023 travel grants opens in December 2021.

arada: documentary film project by Jonas Schaffter
Sandra Mehmedović (War Childhood Musem), Dževha Šabanovi, Edith Werffeli
Photo: Lorenz Bohler
First meeting of "Kosovë is everywhere" at Qendra Multimedia, Pristina
Association "Bern ist überall", travel grant 2017
Yolda Kiosk: Unterwegs zwischen der Schweiz und der Türkei
Gaby Fierz, Basel, travel grant 2014/15
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