Current residents

Name First name Country Grant Area Place Year
Klinau Artur BLR Residencies Literature Zug 2024
Leuenberger Eva Maria CH Residencies Literature London 2023
Wertmueller Michael CH Residencies Composition London 2024
Deniz Mirkan CH Residencies Visual arts London 2024
Mokhtar Noha CH Travel grant Visual arts 2022
Hardegger Sara Arzu CH Travel grant Cultural mediation 2021
Marioni Andrea
und Beetschen Mathilde
CH Travel grant Visual arts 2024
Dlaboha Damiàn CH Residencies Theatre Budapest 2024
Etterlin Can CH Travel grant Composition 2024
Lethe Izidora I CH Travel grant Visual arts 2024
Röösli Lisa CH Residencies Film London 2024
Lüthi Theres CH Residencies Literature London 2024
Dorsch Julia CH Residencies Literature Zug 2024
Pfäffli Mathis CH Residencies Visual arts Bucharest 2024
Krasniqi Eli KOS Residencies Literature Zug 2024
Petrović Radmila SRB Residencies Literature Zug 2024
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